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Meet Lynn


Imagine your seasonal containers filled with beautiful tropicals, annuals, perennials and vines spilling out over the edges.  Or your garden planted with spring flowers brightening up your space near your deck or patios. You may prefer filled hanging baskets or window boxes with ferns tucked in and colorful annuals trailing out.  These are things I can help bring to your home, yard or entrance.  Container gardening is my specialty and something I have enjoyed doing for over 25 years in the St. Louis area.

Maybe you only need someone to tell you what to do with an overgrown perennial bed or what to plant in that corner of your yard.  A visit for some garden consult could be in order.

Holiday help may consist of greenery, red twigs and pinecones in your porch pots, a front door wreath, centerpiece for your table or help decorating your home.  Spots are limited so get your request in early.

We will from time to time host mini workshops for groups of friends, your family or coworkers providing assistance in making succulent terrariums, your own holiday wreath or container gardens and the how-to to plant them.  Be prepared to surprise yourself with your creations.

Lynn Ott

Owner / Designer

My love for planting and growing flowers began when my four children were little and we spent a lot of time outdoors.  I began with annuals and easy to grow vegetables which held the interest of small people.  As they dug holes and moved soil around, I began to experiment with perennials-transplanting extras from friends's and neighbor's beds.  I was hooked.  Next I created beds around our yard and was soon filling pots with flowers on the porch, deck and patio.


Eventually I wanted to learn more about horticulture and to see where this desire to plant and create would take me.  I was accepted into the Missouri Master Gardeners Program and completed Levels I and II.  My children were getting older and I wanted to get back in the work force to contribute to our family.  My love of plants and all the new information I gained led me to apply for a job at a local nursery.  There I worked in the greenhouse, set up displays, took care of plants, ordered herbs & perennials, greeted and helped customers and became a buyer for the Christmas Store.  One of my favorite things to do was plant and design customer's containers that they brought in to us as well as containers for the store's displays.


I would later move on to work for a company where I managed the exterior and holiday departments.  Here I designed planting projects and holiday designs for clients, assisted sales personnel, managed teams to get seasonal installs completed, ordered plants from vendors, was a buyer for holiday and developed container gardens for clients at their entrances, patios, terraces, and streetscapes.  Many awards were won on these projects and it was my pleasure to be a part of them.

Designing containers and doing fun projects has always been my passion which led me to decide to dial it back and start Flowers and Ferns.  Being more mindful of my time has led to exploring ways I can help people with their personal vision of improving their curb appeal, designing and planting flower boxes and container gardens, helping them with garden issues and various projects that may pop up.

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